speed Infinity boxSize = max(totalWidth, totalHeight)/2 boxCenters = [ [-boxSize/2, -boxSize/2] [-boxSize/2, boxSize/2] [boxSize/2, boxSize/2] [boxSize/2, -boxSize/2] ] boxColors = [black, yellow, white, blue] # set up box size difficulty: # a box 3 times the normal size will take up the whole screen, so we will make that the easiest size. # the hardest size is the "regular" size. sizePicker = new DifficultyPicker boxSize*3, boxSize onRoundStart -> cg() # pick a size for the blue box, based on difficulty: blueBoxSize = sizePicker.pick() shuffle boxCenters for i in [0..3] moveto boxCenters[i] if boxColors[i] == blue # if this is a blue box, use our special size box boxColors[i], blueBoxSize else # if it's not a blue box, use the regular box size box boxColors[i], boxSize # on tap, see if the tap was on blue. if yes, feed the dog! tap -> if lasttap.touches blue feed()