Piano an instrumental turtle

A Piano is an object that shows notes while playing them.

To make a Piano, use p = new Piano. (Here p can be any variable name we choose). A Piano can be moved like any other visual element.

To play the piano, use p.play:

p = new Piano
p.lt 90
p.play "C C C3/4 D/4 E"

Multiple Pianos

Any number of Pianos can be created, and they can play songs simultaneously.

ryb = """
  C C C3/4 D/4 E
  E3/4 D/4 E3/4 F/4 G2
p1 = new Piano
p1.fd 100
p2 = new Piano
p2.bk 100
p1.play ryb
p2.play "Z4" + ryb

Piano Options

A piano can be created with any number of keys:

p = new Piano 88

More options can be specified by creating a Piano with an options object:

p = new Piano
  width: 100
  height: 50
  keys: 36
  color: pink
  lineWidth: 0.2