html decorate your writing with HTML tags

HTML tags are a special set of commands that you can use when you're making a write block. They are always enclosed in triangle braces, which you can type with the shift key plus a comma or period.

The whole internet is made of HTML, so you can use the same tags you use with PencilCode if you are making a webpage. (Or, if you already know some HTML, you can use that here!)

Here are some useful tags:

b makes your words bold. Use <b>to start making words bold and </b> to stop. Be careful your slash goes from bottom-left to upper-right -- use the one on the ? key not the backwards one on the | key.

write 'time to be <b>bold</b>!'

i makes your words slanted, which is called italic. Start and end italics the same way as you do bold.

write 'do the limbo! <i>lean back!</i>'

u lets you underline your words.

write '''My bestselling novel <u>Turtles To The Limit</u>'''

br is like pressing enter -- it moves to the next line. You don't need to close this tag. write 'Yes!<br>No!<br>Yes!<br>No!'

hr puts in a horizontal line. You don't need to close this tag. write ''' "... or else!" she said.<hr> Chapter 2. Then What?'''

center puts your words in the center, instead of on the left. write '<center>spaaace!</center>'

img is an HTML tag that puts a picture in your page. The src attribute is set to the name of the image file you want to include. You can find some sample images in the page about img.

font can change the color and size of your text. write """<font color="red"> Red hot! </font>"""

write """<font size="6"> Say it louder! </font>"""

See the whole list of colors you can use.