sync synchronizes animation queues

Each element has its own animation queue, so if you have multiple Turtles or Sprites, they will normally animate simultaneously without regard for each other.

To synchronize the motion of multiple elements, use sync.

a = new Turtle red
b = turtle
c = new Turtle green
for [1..20]
  (random [a,b,c]).fd 20
  (random [a,b,c]).rt 88

sync a, b, c red, 100 green, 100 blue, 100

sync can synchronize any number of elements or arrays of elements. All the listed elements will insert a pause into their animation queue, and wait for all the other elements to reach the same point. Once all elements have caught up, all the elements resume animating.

To synchronize an element with the main turtle, use the special varible turtle to represent the main turtle.