type types monospace words onto the page

Type takes one argument: the text you want to write. Wrap it up in quotes. Your text will show up in a monospace font, with every letter the same width. This is useful for drawing letter art, indenting pre, and anything else where you want to line text up neatly.

type "<(^.^)>"

If your text takes up more than one line, you can use a set of 3 quotes to include line breaks inside your text.

type """
    o    __________
   /\\_  _|        |
   ][ \\, ][    ][

One important trick when making letter art with punctuation: The backslash character \ is special, and if you want to include it in a string, you must type it twice: "\\".

Backslashes and Unicode

Backslash is also used to write codes for special characters that are not easy to type. For example, \u2602 stands for the special "umbrella" character.

type """
  when it's \u2601
  pack an \u2602
  and \u2600 will come

The numbers used after \u are called Unicode codes. Every letter and character that can be written on a computer has a unicode number.